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The Meanies are an indie Australian punk rock band, formed in 1988 by D.D. Meanie (a.k.a. Dennis DePianto) on lead guitar, Link Meanie (a.k.a. Lindsay McLennan) on vocals and guitar, Ringo Meanie (a.k.a. Mark Hobbs) on drums, and VB Meanie (a.k.a. Dave Christopher) on bass guitar and vocals. As from September 2015 the line-up is Link, Ringo and Wally Meanie (a.k.a. Roderick Kempton) on bass guitar and backing vocals. The Meanies had a hiatus from 1996 to 1998.

The band provides energetic performances, with Link injured on stage on several occasions. The group have issued three studio albums, Come ‘n’ See (March 1992), 10% Weird (August 1994) and It’s Not Me It’s You (September 2015). Founding member (from 1988 to 1995), D.D. Meanie (Dennis DePianto), died in February 2008 after being diagnosed with cancer. Their guitarist from 1993 onwards, Tasman ‘Tas’ Blizzard, died in August 2008 in a car accident.

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