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Screamfeeder is an Australian indie guitar pop group formed in Brisbane in 1991 with Tony Blades on drums, Kellie Lloyd on bass guitar and vocals and Tim Steward on guitar and vocals. In 1995 Dean Shwereb replaced Blades on the drums. Darek Mudge joined on lead guitar from 2001 to 2005, and rejoined in 2014. Screamfeeder have released seven studio albums, Flour (June 1992), Burn Out Your Name (August 1993), Fill Yourself With Music (1995), Kitten Licks (1996), Rocks on the Soul (2000), Take You Apart (2003) and Pop Guilt (2017).

In August 1991 Screamfeeder were formed as an indie guitar pop group in Brisbane by Tony Blades on drums and vocals, Kellie Lloyd on bass guitar and vocals and Tim Steward on guitar and vocals. Blades and Steward had been members of the Madmen, which they formed in 1988 in Townsville with Bruce Gardner on guitar and vocals and Jeff Johnson on bass guitar. In 1989 Cam Hurst replaced Johnson on bass guitar and Gardner left. They released three singles and an extended play, Thunder Egg (1990), on their own label, Stone Groove. The Madmen toured Queensland numerous times, before relocating to Brisbane in 1989. When Hurst was replaced by Lloyd the trio became Screamfeeder. Lloyd had previously made a filmclip for The Madmen, Tower.[citation needed].

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