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Resin Dogs are a Brisbane, Australia-based hip hop band, originally formed in 1996. Resin Dogs are a loose collective, a cut and paste sample band who use live drums, live bass, and elements of hip hop via turntables and samplers to create all forms of ritual dance sounds. The Resin Dogs consist of Dave Atkins, DJ Katch, Dennis Kudelka, Jonothan Bolt and Tony McCall (both also of Final Days of Autumn), with regular guest appearances in Australia by Hau Latukefu (a.k.a. Hau) (Koolism), N’Fa Forster-Jones (a.k.a. Nfamas) (1200 Techniques) and on their overseas touring they appear with Abstract Rude (ATU)(US), Mystro (Natural Born Spitter)(UK), and BluRum13 (Canada).

The Resin Dogs were formed in 1996, releasing their debut EP, Grinnin’, on their own label, Hydrofunk, in 1997. This was followed by subsequent EPs, Volcanic Lab (1998) and Daily Trouble (2000), with the track, ‘Say Yeah’, receiving airplay on Triple J making its way up the Australian Independent Records (AIR) charts.

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