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Born in the UK, Mark spent a lot of his childhood in Kenya, East Africa where his father was stationed. After his father retired from the Army in 1972 the family moved to Australia where we claimed him as one of our own. Growing up in Bundaberg, there wasn’t a lot of musical avenues for Mark, but he soon found his feet with “the Riptides” before moving into GangGajang in 1984. The band was formed after several songwriting sessions for the ABC TV program Sweet and Sour. Some of the songs were used in the show but Mark “Cal” Callaghan from The Riptides, former members of The Angels drummer Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup and bassist Chris Bailey, together with Kayellen Bee and Marilyn Delaney, decided a brand new band would best showcase their songs. After adding former Aliens guitarist and keyboard player Geoffrey Stapleton and Adelaide born guitarist Robert James, “GANGgajang” became their self titled debut album. Behind the scenes, Mark has managed a number of bands, worked in music retail and a a record producer, He was an Artist and Repertoire manager at Festival records and a professional manager at Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Mark also holds a degree in design from the University of Queensland and is a member of the Australian Music Publishers Association (AMPAL). Mark still performs with the GangGajang whenever possible, but also enjoys his solo career and writing for others in the industry.

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